Our “News”: an ongoing contribution to the culture of the sector

The thirtieth anniversary of Proposte is just around the corner and things, in these three decades, have changed quite a bit. No one, when we thought of an Italian event that brought together the best of furnishing fabrics and curtains, could imagine that communications and information would travel at the current speed and on platforms available 24 hours a day to everyone. This real revolution in the way people relate to people, businesses to businesses, puts into circulation a quantity of information that was not even imaginable when our event was born on the shores of Lake Como.

A change that, obviously, affects even the way of putting together a fair and, first and foremost, makes the banner of the event no longer just the organizing brand of an episodic yearly event, but the management of a real repository of sector-specific information and culture that unfolds throughout the entire year between one event and another. All this, of course, mainly through our website – – and newsletters, which our company regularly sends to the large specialized community brought together from around the world around our fair brand and our event dedicated to quality furnishings fabric and curtains.

An event, I repeat with pride, that is unique and original in the world.

To keep it that way, the entire system that revolves around Proposte must be kept up to date and relevant and, for that reason, we decided to add an important piece to our work alongside exhibitors and the sector: our website will accept the challenge of no longer being just a repository of information about the existing event but, in its “News” section, it will become a space where articles, interviews, product trends and presentations of collections will be gathered, as well as, of course, written and photographic reports from our spring event. All of this, coordinated and put together by a journalist specialized in the field, will be available on the website but will also reach our readers through our newsletters, in order to provide expert, prepared and up-to-date information on our field of work.

The job of a trade fair is to promote business first of all, but also to create sector-specific culture and knowledge. Today, the tools of the web allow us to do this quickly and efficiently and all this adds one more piece to being a “year-round fair” dedicated to you, who are the soul of the sector all over the world.

So enjoy reading the new “News” on

PierCarlo Viganò

President of Proposte Srl