The name and trade mark

The name “proposte” suggests the textile manufacturers’ desire to always offer their clients new proposals.
The logotype is set in Bodoni types from the Manual of Giambattista Bodoni, a printer and publisher who lived from 1740 and 1813, and it underlines the fact that this is an Italian initiative.

Regarding the “P” logo, Massimo Abbondi, designer of the Proposte ’93 image, said “The slanting lines of the logo represent the textile product coming out of an imaginary textile machine, depicted as a semicircle, part of the geometrically perfect shape of the circle, a good symbol for a modern, professional manufacturing industry. The line of the loop on the P, pictorially represented, symbolises the creative imagination needed to find new products; and finally, the use of colour underlines the intention to create products for interior decoration”.