Tissus D’Avesnieres

Tissus d’Avesnieres was founded in 1876. Originally weaver, the company evolved, after the Second World War, toward piece-dyeing and printing. Since its creation, many archive documents have been collected which helped it in specializing in reproduction of XVIII, XIX and XX century materials (copper roller, wood block prints). Printing first on tables, now it also works with flat bed machines and digital printers, designs ranging from very classical to contemporary themes. The company is a family business (fifth generation), employees are 50, turnover is about € 5 million, exports account for 60% mainly to United States and England. Grégoire Feinte is the CEO, Nathalie Feinte-Liguine is the sales manager.

: 203, Quai Paul Boudet FR-53000 LAVAL
: +33 2 43531500
: www.tissus-davesnieres.fr
: gregoire.feinte@tissus-davesnieres.fr