Manifatture Toscane Ta-Bru

Tabru interprets the current mood of the times by presenting a unique line of basketweave fabrics for upholstery in cellulose fibre and genuine leather, an important accomplishment after over 100 years of experience. The new collections are enriched with innovative fibres and finishing processes, such as raffia, smart textiles and laser effects. The company, known for the exclusive workmanship of all materials, has perfected its production over the years through continuous research, keeping special balance between technology and hand craftsmanship in mind. The final product combines warmth and handcraft aspects together with the versatility in using industrial structure, creating an endless variety of possibilities along with colour and design options. In addition fireproof, moldproof and waterproof treatments complete the line. All Tabru fabrics are patented.

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: Via Indicatorio, 81 IT-50050 SAN MAURO SIGNA (FI)
: +39 055 8997641

: Residential, Contract
: Luxury, High end
: Furnishings (Dobbies, Jacquard)