The company was established in 1954 and started with the production of high-quality plush in Mohair, Alpaca and Wool. Mohair velvet was, and still remains, the top specialization and priority, but the quality range has been expanded with many other noble and natural fibres (linen, silk…) in a wide variety of constructions and special weaves: velvet, épinglé and flat woven fabrics. Piece dyed pile fabrics represent the majority of production. Design, development, preparation, weaving and final finishing are all integrated within the mill. Export is over 99% world-wide, for both residential and contract markets. The family-owned company is managed by Jean, Vincent and Matthias Haezebrouck.

: Kampstraat 12 BE-8500 KORTRIJK
: +32 56 215791
: www.haezebrouck.com
: info@haezebrouck.com