Proposte 2022 has been rescheduled: it will still be held in April and at the same venue, Villa Erba in Cernobbio, Italy, but postponed to the end of the month, from Tuesday 26th to Thursday 28th.

Due to the fourth wave of the Covid pandemic, the entire European fair calendar has undergone date changes and postponements.

“After careful consideration by the Board of Directors, we have decided to bring the dates of the Fair forward. The fact that there was an open slot at Villa Erba in the same month allowed us to take this opportunity in the interest of that whole world of people that is involved with Proposte without disrupting the event calendar too much. This rescheduling will certainly work in favour of the Fair’s success” stated the Chairman, Mr. Piercarlo Viganò. “In these two years we have been able to observe the virus’ behaviour during the various seasons, and we believe that these new dates at the end of April will allow us to conduct the event more calmly. It is a period in which world travel should be guaranteed and in which we can make sure that all of our exhibitors and visitors can meet and do business in full compliance with all anti-Covid regulations”.

We also welcome the opportunity to send and present to you the logo for Proposte 2022. It is a new interpretation of our famous brand that consists in the complete destructuring of its elements. The text ‘Proposte’ becomes the focal point of the graphic representation, cohesively portraying the techniques and creativity of the world of textile design and of its exhibitors. The choice of colour palette completes the new vision of the brand with fresh and spring-like hues, symbolizing – together with the dynamic layout – the importance of meeting and of the merging of tradition with renewal that is considered to be the fundamental ingredient of the Fair’s global success.