Marzotto Lab

A new brand is always the result of a journey. When you leave, you never know what’s going to happen. What is going to be discovered will be found on the path, with meetings with new people. In 2021 Redaelli and Prosetex starts a new journey together, getting closer and closer. They were united by the desire to grow, to experiment, to be protagonists in the world of interiors. After a year of living together they decided to divert to a common root, Marzotto. Origins always contains a piece of history and at the same time many novelties. Marzotto Interiors is born: a different and unique way to present ourselves to our customers. Marzotto Interiors arises for this: to grow innovative ideas that have an ancient heart. Know-how, savoir faire, distant practices of women and men who come together to interpret in a contemporary way the home through fabrics: uniqueness, craftsmanship, versatility, passion for beauty are integrated in this new way. Marzotto Interiors, a new journey beg.

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: VIA ROMA, 76 – 23892 BULCIAGO (LC)
: +39031874370

: Residential, Contract
: One-off, Luxury, High end, Large-scale distribution
: Furnishings (Printed, Fire-retardant)