Rahmig & Partner

Rahmig & Partner Embroidery R&P is one of the leading embroidery manufacturers in Europe, located in Saxony, Germany. Design orientated, functional or technical embroidery, or even a combination of all textile solutions combining traditional embroidery craft with modern technical precision. Our company offers all steps of product development including ground material sourcing, draw up and testing as well as surface finishing services. In the sector of interior design, contract or project development we work with a wide range of textiles. We highlight through our embroidery all kinds of woven fabrics, wallpaper (textile and paper) leather (synthetic and real) and even felt or cork as well as flame-retardant and/or resistant materials (Trevira CS). Through our always updated machinery park (extensive line of SAURER EPOCA Shuttle embroidery machines and ZSK multi-head embroidery machines), own product development and design department we are able to create individual solutions for our customers demands such as decoration for windows (curtains), walls (wallpaper) and floors (carpets) as well as all kind of products for the hospitality industry. We want to be special for you. You are special to us. We are specialized. Especially in exclusive embroidery. Despired in Europe, created for the world. Made in Germany. Rahmig & Partner embroidery.

: Alte Auerbacher Straße 22, D-08236 Ellefeld
: +49 (0)3745 – 78200
: www.rahmigundpartner.de
: info@rahmigundpartner.de