Proposte 2024 - Advertising image: textiles to ideas


The advertising image of Proposte 2024 celebrates creativity and innovation in furnishing textiles and uses the light bulb as a symbol for ideas. The headline 'textiles to ideas' integrates with the visual by linking the world of textiles to ideas, promoting reflection, innovation and creativity, thus reinforcing the bond. This representation offers an iconic image that draws attention to the link between textiles and ideas, highlighting the central role of creativity in the industry.


The 31st edition of Proposte is scheduled for May 2-4, 2024, from Thursday to Saturday at Villa Erba exhibition center in Cernobbio. We are concentrating efforts to offer exhibitors, visitors and journalists an experience above expectations. The trade show has always been recognized as a point of reference in the industry and a showcase of excellence for new collections of furnishing fabrics, curtains, trimmings and wall coverings.

We remind you that Proposte is a trade show reserved for sector’s operators, who belong to the following categories: textile editors, upholstered furniture manufacturers, wholesalers, converters, major retails chain, contract operators, architecture and interior design studios.

Follow us for further updates. We look forward to seeing you at Proposte 2024!


The President Alessandro Tessuto together with the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee and all the organizational staff wishes you Happy Holidays!

Proposte 2024 - The dates

After an accurate analysis taking into account the calendar of holidays and other international trade shows, the Board of Directors of Proposte Srl, chaired by Alessandro Tessuto, has resolved that the 31st edition of Proposte be held from Thursday 2 to Saturday 4 May 2024. As usual, the location will be the Villa Erba exhibition centre in Cernobbio.

Proposte is a trade show reserved for sector operators belonging to the following categories: publishers of textiles, upholstered furniture manufacturers, wholesalers, converters, large distribution chains, contract operators and architects.

Proposte is already working to offer exhibitors, visitors and journalists an experience that meets their expectations. The trade show has always been recognised as a benchmark in the industry and a showcase of products of excellence represented by the new collections of furnishing fabrics and curtains.

To learn more about the news regarding the 31st edition of Proposte, we invite you to stay in touch via the social media FacebookInstagram and Twitter, the website and the Proposte marketplace at, whose objective is to offer exhibitors an up-to-date virtual showcase.

Proposte 2023 - Final Considerations

The 30th edition of Proposte has just dropped the curtains with a growing number of attending visitors and satisfaction from the exhibitors. Visitor attendance was very high, especially on the first day of the event, with operators who visited Villa Erba to discover the excellence of furnishing fabrics, curtains, trimmings, and wall coverings.

Special thanks to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Italian Trade Agency ICE for their support.

This year too, the Italian Trade Agency ICE for the promotion abroad and internationalization of Italian companies confirmed its collaboration with Proposte organizing the incoming of international operators and journalists from China, India, Korea, Slovenia, Tunisia, the United States, Japan, and New Zealand, to develop, facilitate and promote trade relations between Italy and foreign countries.

On Wednesday, April 19, ICE Agency Director General Dr. Roberto Luongo visited the event at Villa Erba together with Massimo Mosiello, Director of Proposte.

The four start-ups located in the Ala Cernobbio drew much attention: CDC_Studio, FLOCUS™, Fody Benefit Society, and Nazena, concentrating on the promotion and development of new solutions for New Materials and Textile Upcycling. In addition to the Start-up Area, other interesting proposals were showcased in the Ala Lario: Cometa Formazione, Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp, and Fashion Room.

At the end of the second day of the trade show, Proposte celebrated its 30th edition with exhibitors, visitors, and journalists with a light dinner and swing music in the background in the wonderful setting of Villa Antica. In his speech addressed to the attendees, President Alessandro Tessuto repeated the concept that the success of the event, which, in thirty years, has become the point of reference in the world of furnishing textiles, is mainly attributable to the participation of those who have continued to support and believe in Proposte over time. The President also warned about the situation outside Villa Erba with companies presenting their collections in some cases just a few days before the opening of Proposte and taking advantage of Proposte's organization.

The final balance of this 30th edition is positive: "23% more foreign visitors compared to the 2022 edition. More visitors came from the United States (+26%), United Kingdom (+33%), France (+12%), and Germany (+13%); the performance of China was also positive," commented the Director Massimo Mosiello

ComoCrea recorded a positive performance overall. The 18 designers expressed satisfaction with the number of visitors they met and the new contacts established.


Proposte 2023 - news and agenda


Like last year, Proposte will feature special areas during the three days of the trade show at Villa Erba

AREA STARTUP in collaboration with: | MAECI | ICE | Italian StartUp

StartUp CDC_Studio

CDC Studio is an innovation hub that offers technological and innovative solutions for the reuse of waste or unsold materials. Waste materials are given new life through polyethylene regenerated using the patented coeo technology; in this way, waste is transformed into a resource - from waste to evolution.

StartUp Flocus

FLOCUS™ is the brand of kapok fibers offering a range of textile products: virgin fibers, yarns, woven and nonwoven textiles. Flocus is an innovator in the supply chain: from raw materials to finished products ready for market. Flocus established KRAF, a nonprofit foundation, engaged in kapok tree planting with the help of some customers.

StartUp Fody - Società benefit

Fody is an Innovative Startup, involved in the evaluation of undervalued resources. In our inclusive laboratories, high quality fabric scraps are transformed into lifesaving blankets and new eco-social products, by disadvantaged people, which through a personal empowerment process, can access new and unique job opportunities.
Since 2020 the blankets produced are donated regularly to homeless people, refugees and abandoned animals in Europe, and since 2022, all materials that are not usable for the purpose, are transformed into unique gadgets for Companies, to support the development of the inclusive laboratories.
Our first goal is to donate 1 Million lifesaving blankets by 2030, empowering 1000 disadvantaged people and evaluating 1000 Tons of fabric scraps.

StartUp Nazena

Nazena recovers textile scraps of natural and/or synthetic fibers and transforms them into construction material to replace plasterboard, flooring, soundproofing panels, packaging material, labels or pieces of furniture for stores and homes: from chairs to tables, bookshelves, trays or any other design product. All production is in-house, with a patented process, using only natural materials.


Cometa Formazione

The Oliver Twist School was founded in Como in 2003 from the experience of Cometa, a family association that has been welcoming and educating children and young people in difficulty since 1987. One of their training courses is "Textile Processing Operator," where students learn to develop upholstery designs (first drawn by hand and then processed with Photoshop). The designs are developed at the request of clients inside and outside the school, starting from a theme presented in a moodboard. This creative activity is supplemented with an analysis of the textile supply chain operation, with special regard to the processes of finishing, printing, archiving/sampling and quality control. The students participating in Cometa, who will be present at Proposte, will be given an opportunity to directly experience a real context, showing their designs to the visitors of the trade show. This is also an opportunity for them to learn first-hand about an important event for the industry and the companies that operate in it.

Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp

The Alliance for European Flax-Linen and Hemp is the only European agro-industrial reference organization on a global scale that groups all players in the European Flax-Linen and Hemp value chain with a threefold mission: inform members, brands, and consumers; support the European ecosystem and know-how;  promote European Flax-Linen and Hemp as the world's preferred, sustainable premium quality fibers.  The Alliance is committed to increasing the international visibility of European Flax-Linen and Hemp, whose technical and environmental qualities provide worldwide creative inspiration and offer new perspectives for industrial innovation. It ensures the traceability of Flax-Linen fiber through EUROPEAN FLAX® and MASTERS OF LINEN® certifications.

Fashion Room

Fashion Room is a bookstore specializing in fashion and design. A place where creative people can find all the tools to support the work that goes into the research and development of new collections, new materials and new colors.



The eighth edition of International Observatory, will be held at the Sheraton Lake Como Hotel, just a few minutes from the Villa Erba Exhibition Center. 14 companies operating in the international furnishing textiles sector will present their products. Visitors holding the Proposte electronic badge can access the exhibition directly or check in at the accreditation reception desk. A direct shuttle service leaving from the main gate of Villa Erba is available for convenient transfers between the two locations.



Proposte 2023 - 78 exhibitor companies at Villa Erba

78 companies will participate in the 30th edition of Proposte scheduled on April 18, 19, and 20, 2023.

Villa Erba is the unique and exclusive location of Proposte, hosting 29 Italian and 49 international exhibitor companies. For the first time, the French manufacturer Linder and the Italian manufacturer SIRPI JVwallcovering, opening Proposte’s doors to the world of wallcoverings, will participate in the trade show.

The number of exhibitors is going back to comparable pre-pandemic levels and it is interesting to note that ten companies – one Italian and nine from abroad – have re-confirmed their participation after years. "This is a great satisfaction that marks a turning point after the issue we have had with the Fuorisalone of Cernobbio. The fact that companies have come back to Proposte – like the Turkish Vanelli Tekstil - is evidence of the importance of Proposte held at the Villa Erba exhibition center as a “must-attend” event in the world of furnishing fabrics and curtains," commented Alessandro Tessuto, president of Proposte.

The 30th edition of Proposte will feature a new collaboration. This year, Comocrea Interni, the exhibition dedicated to textile design, will have a reserved area in the exhibition center. The Ala Regina will also be dedicated to 18 designers who, over the years, have presented their collections in parallel with Proposte. Two excellences - Proposte and Comocrea Interni - have joined forces to make the visitors' experience more complete.

DOWNLOAD THE EXHIBITORS LIST OF PROPOSTE 2023 (updated on 20th February 2023)


Proposte 2023 - Image

The 30th edition of Proposte will take place on April 18, 19 and 20, 2023, in the usual setting of Villa Erba in Cernobbio.
Proposte 2023 advertising image incorporates fabric, the key player of the exhibition, that playfully integrates with the graphic elements, with a colorful drape that reminds us of a poster within a poster, almost like an invitation to an important anniversary. The choice of the bright and saturated color palette, along with the traditional red of Proposte, symbolizes the importance of the combination of tradition with renewal, the key ingredients of Proposte’s great success.


The 30th edition marks a significant anniversary that brings us back in time to the advertising pages that most made the history of Proposte.

There were numerous collaborations with designers, but, among the most significant, we recall 2010, the year in which Karim Rashid used several patterns typical of his style to develop our graphic image. In 2014 and 2019, we involved two winners of the Golden Compass Award: Giancarlo Iliprandi, who created a page with his most recognizable international typographic style; and Studiocharlie with "Woven Stories", i.e. woven stories told through the advertising page, and even more so with the installation located the Central Hall, narrating the uniqueness of the history of furnishing textiles through the voices of the exhibitors.

We cannot forget to mention architect Mario Bellini, who in 1986 designed the Villa Erba exhibition center and in 2018 developed a page with the draft design that inspired the layout of the central hall that remained on display during the three-day event.

Over the years, Proposte has also relied on the collaboration of illustrators and artists. The most faithful will remember a man dressed in yellow who, in 2005, accompanied the wait for Proposte; for months, the mascot of the Exhibition spread kindness and optimism through the hand of Angelo Ruta. For the 25th edition, in 2017, we collaborated with artist Paolo Gonzato, whose image revolved around fabric and color and inspired a unique piece of art he created to reward the 25 companies that made Proposte's history in the exhibition’s 25th anniversary celebration. In 2021, it was the turn of Agostino Iacurci, an Italian artist based in Berlin, who exalted the concept of upholstery fabric with the patterns he used to decorate the armchair that was the focus of the poster, just as it is the focus of a home living room.

In a journey back through the history of Proposte, the great film director, Franco Zeffirelli, did not design the advertising page but collaborated with us in 2008, confirming the Maestro's unfailing attention to interior decoration textiles as a set designer and director.

Proposte 2023 - the dates

The 30th edition of Proposte will be held on April 18, 19 and 20, 2023.

Two months after the end of the 2022 edition, the Proposte Board of Directors, the first chaired by Alessandro Tessuto, has set the dates for the next edition of the Trade Show - Tuesday, April 18, Wednesday, 19 and Thursday, April 20, 2023 - after considering the calendar, the bank holidays and the concurrent organization of other international fairs.  As usual, the event will be held in the modern exhibition center of Villa Erba, in Cernobbio, in total synergy with the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan to enable industry professionals, especially international ones, to take in both trade shows in one trip.

The winning format of the trade show has never been modified despite the many changes of the past 30 years to ensure that Proposte remained contemporary, reconfirming itself from year to year as an excellent showcase for new collections of fabrics for furnishing and curtains.


The curtain has fallen on the 29th edition of Proposte. All the exhibitors taking part in the 3-day trade show held in Cernobbio expressed satisfaction with the participation of buyers from all over the world.

As usual, at the closing of the trade show, the Board of Directors met to resolve on the offices to renew. Piercarlo Viganò ends his 3-year term as President. "I am very happy to end my term after such an exciting edition. Attendance was up over 30% and, in particular, the participation of foreign companies increased by over 45%," said the outgoing President. "I am also more than happy because my dear friend and colleague Alessandro Tessuto, of Clerici Tessuto & C., has finally given in to my entreaties and agreed to become the new President of Proposte for the next three years. I will continue to contribute to the organization of the trade show as director of Proposte and President of Ascontex." The entire Board of Directors of Proposte will be renewed: Mauro Cavelli passes the reins to his son Matteo, who will join Tessuto, Viganò, Marco Parravicini of Parà and Diego Vercellino of Sirio Tendaggi. The whole Board thanks the outgoing board member Mauro Cavelli for his valuable contribution, provided over more than twenty years of collaboration.

69 exhibitors presented their new collections at Proposte 2022 and visitors were given a general preview of the materials, designs and colors in the Exhibitor Forum installation located in the Padiglione Centrale.

The influences of the natural world stood out, both in the extensive use of yarns made from vegetable fibers, with some experiments in the use of unusual types and blends, and the color palette, dominated by warm earth tones alongside green and blue shadesAlways present are off-white and neutral colors applied to new fibers and designs. The prints feature mainly animal and botanical motifs.

Bouclé and slub yarns are often used, giving heft and irregular textures to fabrics. Metallic yarns and laminated finishes are experimented with in both curtains and furnishings.

An increasing number of exhibitors are paying special attention to sustainability, both from the production cycle standpoint and in the presentation of novelties characterized by the choice of recycled materials.

"I would like to sincerely thank all the exhibitors who continue to show their faith in Proposte by presenting their exclusive collections at Villa Erba," said Director Massimo Mosiello "The trade show confirms its standing as an international showcase. This edition recorded 70% foreign visitors and 30% Italian visitors."

Special thanks to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Italian Trade Agency ICE for their support.

During the three days of the exhibition, the “Italy is simply extraordinary: beIT “  video was shown in the Ali Lario and Cernobbio to promote Made-in-Italy production, support Italian exports and leverage the internationalization of the Italian economic system.

This year too, the Italian Trade Agency ICE, which supports the business development of Italian companies abroad and promotes the attraction of foreign investment in Italy, reconfirmed its collaboration with Proposte. With the intention of developing, facilitating and promoting economic and commercial relations of Italian companies with other countries, and with special attention to the needs of SMEs, the Italian Trade Agency ICE organized the incoming of 33 operators and 7 foreign trade press journalists from Argentina (1), Denmark (1), France (2), Germany (4), Japan (1), India (4), Lebanon (5), Mexico (1), New Zealand (2), Slovenia (1), Spain (3), Turkey (1), Uruguay (1), USA (9), United Kingdom (2), South Africa (1) and Hungary (1).

On Thursday morning, April 28, the ICE Director General, Dr. Roberto Luongo, accompanied by Director Massimo Mosiello, visited the Italian exhibitors at Villa Erba.

On Tuesday 26, at 11.30, ADM General Manager, Marcello Minenna, inaugurated the Laboratorio Mobile Milano in the Villa Erba gardens. The mobile structure enables the local performance of chemical analyses in a timely manner for specific product sectors.

Sophisticated aperitifs were held at sunset in the Villa Erba park on Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th, after exhibition hours. Attendance was high and the participants were more than happy to share a pleasant moment of relaxation after a hard day’s work.

"It is always a pleasure, and Proposte, which has been showcasing the excellence of research and experimentation in textiles for home décor and furnishing at Villa Erba for 29 years, is a flagship exhibition for us. We feel it as a priority to collaborate with the organizers of Proposte and provide them with our support.

The increased number of visitors is certainly a source of satisfaction for us too, and we take this opportunity to congratulate the organizers for their professionalism and expertise. Proposte is a global showcase and a flagship for Italy, generating great benefits also for ancillary activities,” added Piero Bonasegale, Director of Villa Erba.

After dropping the curtains at Villa Erba, Proposte moves to the web: the trade show goes online with the marketplace, providing exhibitors an additional virtual showcase opportunity.



Proposte 2022 has been rescheduled: it will still be held in April and at the same venue, Villa Erba in Cernobbio, Italy, but postponed to the end of the month, from Tuesday 26th to Thursday 28th.

Due to the fourth wave of the Covid pandemic, the entire European fair calendar has undergone date changes and postponements.

“After careful consideration by the Board of Directors, we have decided to bring the dates of the Fair forward. The fact that there was an open slot at Villa Erba in the same month allowed us to take this opportunity in the interest of that whole world of people that is involved with Proposte without disrupting the event calendar too much. This rescheduling will certainly work in favour of the Fair’s success” stated the Chairman, Mr. Piercarlo Viganò. “In these two years we have been able to observe the virus’ behaviour during the various seasons, and we believe that these new dates at the end of April will allow us to conduct the event more calmly. It is a period in which world travel should be guaranteed and in which we can make sure that all of our exhibitors and visitors can meet and do business in full compliance with all anti-Covid regulations”.

We also welcome the opportunity to send and present to you the logo for Proposte 2022. It is a new interpretation of our famous brand that consists in the complete destructuring of its elements. The text ‘Proposte’ becomes the focal point of the graphic representation, cohesively portraying the techniques and creativity of the world of textile design and of its exhibitors. The choice of colour palette completes the new vision of the brand with fresh and spring-like hues, symbolizing – together with the dynamic layout – the importance of meeting and of the merging of tradition with renewal that is considered to be the fundamental ingredient of the Fair’s global success.