Enzo degli Angiuoni

EnzodegliAngiuoni is a company operating in the textile industry for more than thirty years. With a complete production of velvet, plain and jacquard fabrics for interior and outdoor furniture, the company reaches a total production of about two million meters per year. The headquarter, located in Garbagnate Monastero (LC), has about 90 employees on a 15,000 square meters production plant, with an 80% of its production destined to the export. In order to strengthen the company’s competitive advantage, based on high quality fabrics and on an efficient and ready production system, important investments have been realized in technological innovation. The company is characterized by a highly flexible production, able to fastly meet clients’ needs with the production of exclusive and high quality products. EnzodegliAngiuoni’s fabrics are conceived as total quality products, therefore with high standards of both aesthetic and techical characteristics. Strict and specific tests are carried out daily in our quality control lab, in compliance with international standards and specifications, both at a European level and for the strict US market.

: Via Europa 33/39 - Garbagnate Monastero (LC) - 23846 - ITALY
: + 39 031 35 73 611
: www.edaspa.com
: info@edaspa.com